Please Stay Away from India Island!

The beauty hides the Sorrow!

By Elijah Hamilton

To my Friend

When I first came here I was expecting another old friend to see. Although the person I was looking for was not there at all. However, I did meet others who were led here for similar reasons. Some came to see friends like I and others came professionally. This was a nice meeting

The Indian Nursery rhyme

I read a creepy little story of these Indians it was very disturbing it talked about Indian boys dying from ten Indian boys one choke his little self and then there were nine creepy!? YES I know! all the way to the end there was just one left and he hanged himself! astonishing but more disturbing this nursery rhyme is.

Everything Gone to Hell!

As I was mingling with the others, however, a person spoke loud and clear the accusing of all of us committing murder.Now every one is being hysterical.Next thing I knew a young gentleman named Anthony dies of a choking fit or so we thought then Mrs. Rogers dies in her sleep. I don't know what's going on and I'm terrified! It's like where being offed one by one. What if I'm next I can't died not now while I'm still so young. I am sorry if I'm scarring you it's just the fear talking. It's ironic in a way when you think about it. It's just like the ten little Indians....If this is true then I really don't want to suffer the death the Indians did. maybe...just maybe I should off myself...NO no I can't think like that!
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And Then There Were None - Marston Death || BookTubeAThon Reenactment Challenge 2

Final Plead to a Friend!

We are all rats stuck in a mouse trap. We are this Islands prisoners and the warden is a mad man...we will stare hear and suffer. We are the ten little Indians and I'm ashamed of that. And since we are the ten little Indians we WILL all die including fear is coming true as my life is coming to an end. Slowly and Painfully I assume. To my friend if you got this STAY AWAY AND NEVER MENTION OR THINK OF THIS RETCHED PLACE!!! please stay away that is my wish if I still have one......see you on the other side........
Sincerely, Elliot Bradley