Literature, LET Master’s Programme

413317S, 4 ects, Spring term, 2nd year studies in the LET

Task description

The task is to read a selected articles and write a theoretical article. Student selects a focused area of the learning sciences, which she/he is interested in and is motivated to deepen hie/her understanding. The area can be related to the master's thesis, but the article can not be the same as is written/will be written in the thesis.

Student defines the problem and aims and chooses a combination of six articles in order to deepen understanding of the selected topic. In addition to the main resource articles, also other references can be used in the task.

The length of the article is 3500-4000 words and APA instructions should be followed.


Selected articles

  • Zimmerman, B.J. & Schunk, D.H. (Eds.) Handbook of self-

    regulation of learning and performance.

  • Boekaerts, M., Pitrich, P-R., & Zeidner, M. (Eds.) Handbook of


  • Khine, M.S. & Saleh, I.M. (Eds.) New science of learning.

    Cognition, computers and collaboration in learning.

  • And/or other contemporary readings in the field

Evaluation 0-5


  1. The chosen articles are in the field of the learning sciences, and not from other educational traditions. In addition, they are focused on chosen phenomena.
  2. The contents of the chosen articles have been understood and used meaningfully in your text. References "discuss" with each other.
  3. The article follows stricly APA instructions, both in technical and style of writing. The text is written clearly and concisely, and you express yourself precisely.

Note also that plagiarism and self-plagiarism are not allowed.
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