A Division of Professional Development at Hanalani Schools

Recorded Observations

  1. Provide opportunity to self-reflect on practice

  2. Promote ownership of PD

  3. Provide faculty with a collegial coach ("safe" and encouraging conversations)

  4. Provide formative feedback (separate from formal evaluation)

Encouraging teachers to clarify what they want and need, to build on their strengths, and to experiment in the service of mutually agreed-on goals empowers them to take more initiative and responsibility for their own learning and professional development.

"The Coach and the Evaluator" (

Coaching Components

  1. Video recording

  2. Teacher reflection

  3. Coaching conversation

Administrative Role

  1. Provide faculty growth goals
  2. Furnish focus points
  3. Highlight faculty that need additional recording
  4. Integrate ePortfolio
T. Feliz; 11.12.15