Disease and illnesses

how to recover from illnesses

Medical condition

Medical condition, illness or injury can dietupt our lives and causes stress. Positive lifestyle factors like a heathy diet, regular exercise, sleep and social support can relieve

or manage the symptoms of illness or injury and help improve recovery. Social support can

help you maintion your quality of life when you are ill.

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stress and tension

stress and tension can affect you physically in many ways,including increased muscle tension and chronic condraction . This may be experienced as tension in the eye, jaw,neck,shoulder,lower back and stomach.Prolonged muscle tension can lead to aches and pains,such as headaches,migraine, backache, muscular spasm and injury.

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Chronic illness

Chronic illness means the illness is a long term.A chronic illness can be stressful and may change the way a person lives and how they relate to others. It is important to speak to a doctor or health care provider for help in dealing with a chronic illness.

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