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Too Many Children Lose Too Much Ground Over the Summer

According to ASCD's Educational Leadership publication, The Resourceful School, researchers from John's Hopkins concluded that two-thirds of the 9th grade reading achievement gap can be explained by unequal access to summer learning opportunities during elementary school. This achievement level is a huge determinant of whether students stay in school and follow a college-preparatory track.

Check out five great Summer Reading tips - including Tales2Go - from LitWorld's Pam Allyn in an article just released in Scholastic Instructor.

Why Phonemic Awareness is Important

Phonemic Awareness is when a reader knows that spoken words are made up of individual sounds in a specific order. When a child can manipulate individual sounds, or parts of a word, and a stream of speech, that child is demonstrating phonemic awareness. Learning through listening on Tales2Go allows both emerging readers and proficient readers to hear those individual sounds that make up both familiar and new words, read by storytellers and professional narrators, enabling them to have practice with this fundamental reading and pre-reading skills. Unlike computer-generated speech, or even text read by a peer, the care with which the tracks on Tales2Go are recorded ensure the quality of the spoken language to which children are exposed. Phonemic awareness is one of the building blocks to literacy that is reinforced every time Tales2Go is accessed.

Visit the Learning Resources area on the Tales2Go website for specific Phonemic Awareness activities you can do in your classroom.

Fun Summer Listening Titles

Things We Like... The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading

Reading proficiency by third grade is the most important predictor of high school graduation and career success. Yet every year, more than 80 percent of low-income children miss this crucial milestone. Visit The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading website to learn more.