come to the north or the south

Izzac K p.6

come to the north

transportation in the north

come to the north and be rich so you don't have to live on a farm anymore. are transportation will get you there guaranteed.

geography in the north

the north's climate experiences all four seasons winter,spring,summer,and fall. they also have a lot of bays for shipping,fishing,and commerce flourished in this area.

economy in the north

the cotton gin made in the south has made its way to the north and there is a lot of factories.

society in the north

most northerners were not wealthy or powerful some still live on farms in the north. new York was busy on the streets with all of the traffic going on.

come to the south

transportation in the south

if you come to the south you can relax and enjoy the peacefulness. come down through the river and not the road. if you want to come just take some transportation.

geography in the south

the south is a warm place to be at if you want to get out of the cold and stay warm. it also is a good place to grow crops like sugar cane, and cactus.

economy in the south

the first cotton gin was made by Eli Whitney so it could be faster to clean the cotton and take out the seeds in the processes.

transportation in the south

the way goods were transported in the south was through the river because most of the railroads are in the north.