Hernan' Cortes'

Parker Wade's Social Studies Project

Biographical Information

Hernan' Cortes' was born in 1485 C. E. and died in 1547 C. E.. As a young man before he explored he was a military leader who defeated the Aztec Empire and also claimed Mexico for Spain. He lived in Spain as a Spaniard. Hernan's homeland was Medellin,Spain.

Sailing to Different Nations and Being Financed

Hernan' was on an expedition to the New World. Which was said to be unexplored territories in the world. After this expedition he joined another one to Cuba. In 1519 he went on an expedition to the Americas. Hernan's voyage was led and financed by Diego Vela'quez. His expedition to the Americas was for himself to become wealthy and seek fortune. King Charles V made it possible for Hernan' to go to the New World.

Circumstances of Hernan' Cortes's Death

The Aztec War wasn't a very pretty one for Hernan' Cortes' because he almost drowned in the ocean. He escaped this and returned to Spain neglected and in debt. He decided to return to Mexico but he ended up dying from Pleurisy on the way there. Pleurisy is where you have the inflammation of the pleura, a membrane on our lungs. You get a severe cough and excruciating pain in the infected part of the pleura.

Voyage Achievements and Historical Significance

Hernan' Cortes' was a very gutsy and risky man. He defeated the Aztec Empire and forced all of the civilians to flee. Defeating the Aztecs wasn't easy for Hernan' because of their powerful empire. He showed an exceptional ability to lead his men through dark times. Hernan' travelled to Santo Domingo and the governor Diego Vela'quez made him a leader in his colonies. He eventually rose up and earned a powerful position in the colonies.

The Explorer that Influenced me the Most

Hernan' Cortes was the explorer who would have influenced me the most from Europe to go on the voyages he went on. Which include, the New World, the Americas and Cuba. I was inspired by his ability to persevere through different battles he fought in and the positive mindset he kept through them. One of the articles I read stated, "He showed an uncanny ability to lead his men through dark times" (www.aztec-history.com). Which just shows how amazing he would have been if he was living in our era.

Another piece of evidence from Hernan's life time that caught my attention was, " ...known for his bravery, ambition, thirst for gold, brutality, and extraordinary leadership" (www.thehistoryjunkie.com). This man was simply fearless. When he saw danger he was motivated and prepared unlike other leaders who would have taken the easy path by retreating from a threat. These skills led him to defeating the Aztec Empire. Which in all honesty is not a very simple thing to accomplish. This Spanish Conquistador had a very risky and dangerous lifestyle but it paid off.