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January 2014 Report

Curriculum Impact!

The month of January brought 8th grade researchers to the library. Students chose a topic they are interested in and are using reliable Internet sources to give them more information so they can write a two page research paper. When they came to the library, they learned how to be an editor. Students will use the RADCAB strategy when choosing reliable Websites for their research paper. These tech savvy 8th graders also learned how to use the research tools their MISD Google accounts for citing their sources using the MLA format. They are also taking notes in Google Draw, where they are creating virtual notecards and graphic organizers for note taking. All 8th grade students were also reminded about the importance of not plagiarising and how important it is to paraphrase correctly when taking notes on their Google Draw notecards.

All 6th grade readers were introduced to nonfiction and found a nonfiction book they will enjoy reading for their classroom project. While in the library, they learned about the characteristics of nonfiction books and how to read a nonfiction book. Students were also introduced to three different sub genres of nonfiction books: persuasive, expository, and procedural.

All 6th graders (327) at WGMS were eligible to vote for their favorite Bluebonnet book, which was a goal for the 2013-14 school year. The 6th grade ELA teachers brought their students to the library throughout the year and 5 of the state-wide nominated books were read aloud for pleasure. On January 30, the 6th graders at WGMS chose 10 Rules You Must Not Break if You Want to Survive the School Bus by John Grandits as their favorite Bluebonnet book.

Number of Classes Served for Curriculum Support During the Month of January: 70

Number of Classes Served for Circulation Purposes: 25

The Numbers

Non-Curriculum Library Usage

The library was used on January 8 for the MISD Coffees. Dr. Stewart, Judy Walling and Krista Tipton spoke to community members about updates to HB 5, MHHS and other district topics of concern.

On January 17, our school welcomed MISD school board member Mr. Todd Hemphill to the library for a breakfast with the staff. We appreciate all he does for our district.

The library was closed January 28-29 for Mock STAAR testing across the campus.

Ongoing Activities.....

Pleasure Reading:

The Six Flags Read to Succeed Program kicked off January 7 for all 6th graders.

Bluebonnet Reading Program ends January 30.

Book Clubs:

Two book clubs are starting back up in February.

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Stepping Toward My Goals

1. Every 6th grade student will vote for their favorite Bluebonnet nominated book in January.

2. Promote and continually update WGMS Libguide as the library Website and a place to house lessons and for students to go for information and assistance.

3. Encourage the use of Google and other technology in past projects, which have traditionally been completed using pencil and paper.