MSF an aid organisation

Independent Medical Humanitarian Action

What type of aid does MSF provide?

MSF sends volunteers to overseas missions to provide medical care and medicine. Pharmacies donate medicine that is almost out-of-date. The type of aid the organisation provides medical support, clean water supply, tents and basic aid for refugees. Vaccinations and obstetric care are included in this basic aid.

MSF won the Nobel Peace prize in 1999

Do the recipients pay?

Although recipients do not pay, anyone who would like to donate can do so.

About Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières

Why MSF is needed

When asylum seekers arrive to any country they need to be vaccinated. MSF is the only organisation that gives such treatment. This helps prevent diseases in the wider community. This is only one of MSF's duties.

Do you feel it is good to donate to other countries?

Yes, it is important for richer and more fortunate countries to donate to people in need within poorer countries. It is not fair that a normal child would have some form of technology and in many third world countries children have never seen a flushing toilet or clean water.

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