By Shelby Snuffer

England Facts

What is my Dream Vacation? England is my Dream Vacation! Where is my Destination? London,England! Why I want to visit this place? Because Its really pretty there and I heard they have cute clothes there! What make my Dream Destination so great? because they have really awesome clothes and people! they have really awesome clothes like I said,some of nice people,nice food,awesome cousins there,nice and awesome friends. It will take at least 10 hours and 13 minutes. it is 10 hours and 13 minutes away. I will take my best friends with me and also my cousin and maybe just maybe I will bring my crush which is Deaven and my Best Friends that I will bring with me are Michelle, Maddie which is a 7th grader shes awesome and Caroline shes also a 7th grader and she is also awesome shes like a older me but more outgoing. me and my friends would take a plane to the wonderful place England. two weeks we would stay at England and have fun lots of fun. we would stay at a awesome hotel Balieys hotel kensington which is in London,England. I would need to pack some clothes for 2 weeks and food and my kitten:] it would at least cost like 300 each for everything like alot of money. I will stay at millennium Baliey's hotel Kensington. I will spend money on clothes,food,drinks,and other stuff. Me and my friends and my Crush Deaven would eat at really Fancy restrantant. at tripadvisor thats were we found our hotel. we would not use Gas because we would ride the bus or something or if we do drive then we would use Gas and that would be like 2.35 dollars or less or more I really dont know how much it would cost. I would hang out with Deaven and Michelle.
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