Marjane Satrapi

The Complete Persepolis

Growing up

    • Born November 22, 1969

    • Marjane Satrapi grew up as an only child in a secular, Marxist home.

    • Grew up in the capital Iran, Tehran.

    • When Iran began war, Marji was ten

      • changed the way she viewed the country

    • Studied at the French school in Tehran

      • Lycee Francais

        • taught her think freely and not believe the propaganda

    • Moved to France after college
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Family Life

  • Her parents always tried to encourage her to have her opinion.
  • Her mother and father were against the regie of Shah
  • Marjane had a brief mariage in iran.

-This marriage lasted three years.

  • She now is married to a Swedish economic man, and it has been about 20 years now
  • No children

Life after leaving Iran

  • At age 24, Satrapi left Iran for Europe and continued her studies there.
  • She moved and continued her life in paris.
  • She did not begin to write the book The Complete Persepolis until she was 29 because she felt that she had too much anger built up in her from her country. She felt that writing angry was not a good thing to do and that is why she waited to long to write the graphic novel.
  • Has not been back to Iran since 2000. If she were to return back to iran she would not receive the best treatment from officials.

Satrapi Family history

  • Marjane and her family descended from Iranian Aristocrats

    • Her maternal great grandfather was Nasser-al-Din Shah

      • Persian emperor from 1848-1896

      • had 100 wives

    • her grandfather was a prince

  • Just because her and her family have ties to royalty, it did not mean she was as privileged as people would think.

  • Most Iranian families are blue-blooded

    • This means that individuals come from families who have wealth in their families for many years.