Dancing in Cadillac lights

by Kimberly Willis Holt

*Dancing in Cadillac lights by Kimberly Willis Holt tells story of Jaynell, who always trying to find happiness by doing simple but fun things.

*She was very close with her grandpap.

* After Jaynell's grandma's death her granpap start feeling lonely.

* So, Jaynell's father decided to make grandpa to live in their house. Sometimes, Jaynell feel bad for her grandpap because he was not talking to anybody.

* So, Jaynell's father gave a task to her to keep eyes on her grandpap.

*She was slightly curious when her Grandpap headed for the graveyard on his first morning outing.

* He seems to have a story to tell about everyone that is buried in that graveyard.

*The Pickens family is considered to be "white-trash". Jaynell's momma gets very upset when Racine and Sweet Adeline take cookies offered by Mrs. Pickens.

* Grandpap buys an emerald green 1962 Cadillac.

* He bargains with the salesman until the price comes down to $2700.

*Grandpap has a gentle heart especially when it comes to the Pickens family.The Pickens family is always thankful for the littlest things.

*Grandpap does a wonderful thing for the Pickens.

*Grandpap's time on earth is over.Now that Grandpap is gone Jaynell is dealing with the "secrets" all alone.

* Her Momma thinks the Cadillac should be sold to help pay for new shoes. Jaynell would rather go barefoot.

*Jaynell is faced with an opportunity to take up for her little sister, Racine for Jaynell's project in the school.

*Jaynell is torn between keeping Grandpap's secret or telling the family that he really did want the Pickens to live in the homeplace.

*Jaynell was truly a lifesaver for Mr. Pickens because she help them to live in their home place.

* At last, they went on a trip with their Cadillac and they enjoy their vacations.