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Need a Job? Sign up to be a Juvey-Cop today!

Don't like AWOL unwinds? Then this is the job for you!

  • Stop them with a tranquilizer gun
  • Stop them with force
  • Interrogation works great
  • Get a second chance and get rid of bullies much like the ones who hurt you in school

Juvey-Cop Review : Fred Smith

"I have been a Juvey-Cop for a few years now, and there's nothing more exciting than taking down an AWOL unwind during a chase. It's such a rush when I shoot my tranquilizer gun at them or I have to go through the forest tracking. Tracking is so simple because they easily lead you straight to them when they break branches and such. If you want an exciting job that never gets boring, then I definitely suggest signing up to be a Juvey-Cop!"

Crime Rate

Chief of the Juvey- Cops, Evan York, had this message on crime, "Crime rate has begun to rise in the big cities. We need all the Juvey-Cops we can get. I go out into the cities on occasion, and I see all the AWOL unwinds causing all kinds of trouble. Please sign up as soon as you can!"

Top Ten Rules:

  1. We keep cities peaceful.
  2. We keep crime rate down.
  3. We agree to catch AWOL unwinds.
  4. We have no choice but to uphold the law.
  5. We go where we are needed.
  6. We do NOT help unwinds!
  7. We do not ask questions to which we do not want to know the answer to.
  8. We do not tolerate stupidity. (Such as getting tranquilized with your own gun)
  9. We are the law.

Word of Advice:

If you cannot follow the Top Ten Rules, then trying to be a Juvey-Cop is not for you. However, if you believe you can follow these rules, and you will follow them then by all means become a Juvey-Cop today.