Stinky Scentsy Party

Open House. Discover the new Fall/Winter catalog.

Open House

There are so many fabulous new products for the fall that you need to come see them yourself. From our new logo to our new essential oils diffuser, there is so much to love!

Stinky Scentsy Party

Saturday, Sep. 19th, 2-4pm

The Ward Domicile, Hickory, NC

We all have that bar of Scentsy that didn't smell like we expected it to and now it is sitting in a cabinet somewhere because you don't know what to do with it. Now you can get a gift for that bar you don't like! Bring it to the open house on Saturday, September 19 and get a gift. If your stinky Scentsy is voted #1 stink, then you get another gift. AND you get to pick from everyone else's stinky Scentsy to find a new scent that you might love because someone else's stinky is your yummy. Message me for details.

Andrea Ward, Scentsy Independent Consultant

The percentages off are a special that I am offering and is not something available through all Scentsy consultants. Please contact me, so I can help you with all your scent needs.