The Muffin Man Stall

starting at $3,430

Do you know the Muffin Man?

Here at M.M incorporated we pride ourselves in our ability to make efficient, great tasting showers. Just take a look at our mascot Gingie! We promise excellent quality and rich sweet flavour. investing in a shower stall made by M.M inc. is the right way to go, not only will your shower be edible, but you will exit smelling like delicious sweets!

forget showering in boring tile filled showers, M.M inc. showers are lined with gummy bears! That also makes the showering experience more enjoyable due to the deliciously colourful scenery

Just two hundred and fifty easy payments of $13.72!!! Also choose what your shower is made of!!!

Delicious Details!!

our showers come complete with 6 foot 8 inch walls made of the material you choose, as well as a curtain made out of candy wrappers!!!! Just to add to the already breathtakingly yummy ambiance

this shower stall is guaranteed to not only get the job done every time, but it will change your life and the way you shower forever

Muffin Man inc.

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