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Splashes of Spring

We are not real sure if we have sprung into spring or winter or what! All we do know is that a flurry of fun and learning are happening here!

Our Dr. Seuss Unit consist of:

Kindergarten drawing Cat in the Hat and making a "purrfectly" patterned yet glittery background.

First Grade drew a Truffula Landscape and filled it with amazing designs to then reveal a most magical (yet scientific) happening - Crayon resist paintings!

Second grade created a Truffla landscape too but added a "Suessical" style house or two or three.

Then we transitioned to Fiber Arts and Clay.

Fiber arts helps us to prepare for State Testing. It requires one to focus, keeps your hands busy, and is a quite activity to do while classmates finish testing.

Tangled Together -

Second through Fourth grade learned how to crochet on their hands. Some even went on to learn how to knit on their hands! It is awesome no tools needed other than yarn!

bracelets, necklaces, scarves, headbands, belts, imagination can take hold and limits are unknown!

I already have a great crochet club in the making! It is absolutely wonderful to see boys and girls feel like artist and take such pride in their craftsmanship.

Clay work is also amazing for manipulation skills.

Kindergarten and First grade are making Owls based on the book The Little White Owl by Tracy Corderoy and Jane Chapman. Our colorful owls have a meaning that we discussed through the pages of this great book. Ask your child about theirs!

Fourth grade is making Oxacana pinch pot bowls with our Teacher Cadet. They are learning about this fantastic art from Mexico. The alabrjies are spirit animals and have amazing designs and spectacular colors.

LMES Chopped Winners

Our Healthy Eating and designing judges have made a decision!

Congratulations to our LMES Chopped grade level winners:

1st Grade: Darius

2nd Grade: Charlee

3rd Grade: Evangelin

4th Grade: Elena

Your LMES Chef hats are on the way!

Guaranteed to be colorful and fun!

Student of the Month

Each Month a student is chosen to be highlighted for their use of art techniques, creativity, and doing their personal best.
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We are "Figgi" Friends!

Figment is from Walt Disney World. A Journey into Imagination is where you would have meet Dream Finder and Figment (a figment of your imagination). Now you meet him at the Imagination Institute with Dr. Nigel Channing and they show you how your senses help your imagination!

He is our Art room Mascot. So, If you see a "Figgi friend", that means that have done their personal best in using their imagination and demonstrated their best behavior skills.

If you would like to see the original ride, check out the link below. One Little Spark- our favorite song!