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A letter to you...

Over the weekend I received my survey results. In reading them and reflecting on the comments I have thought of a million ways to try and go forward so that you know I have heard and understand the frustration, stress level and how down everyone is feeling. I am deeply saddened by this and want each of you to know that my number one goal is to support you in an way I can so that Monroe is a safe and caring place for everyone. I'm sorry my actions haven't communicated this and I want everyone in the future to feel respected and valued as part of our team. I'm here for each of you, and if you want to meet to discuss any specific concerns further I want to listen. Susan


January 11- Kelsey Grammer and Vicky Riley

January 14- Kevin Dietrich

January 27- Kathy Mische

January 30- Cathi Chandler

This Week...

Monday- No School. MLK Day.

Tuesday- LT meeting at 7:45a.m. in the library. District Spelling Bee, 6:30p.m. at Harris.

Friday- Site visit from school in Kirksville, Missouri.

Next Week...

Tuesday- Faculty Meeting 7:30a.m. in Room 211. Agenda will be sent.

Friday- Family Time 9:00-9:30. Retention letters mailed to parents (for students who are possible candidates for retention).

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