Ronald Reagan -WANTED-

Reward: A Better America

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1. Limited Affirmative Action (slide 4)

this unacceptable action is not fair because there is less opportunity for minorities.

2. AIDS Epidemic (p 747)

Reagan put little effort towards the fight against AIDS, the disease which had killed 46,000 Americans by 1989.

3. Iran-Contra Affair (p 747)

Reagan worked with terrorists, illegally funded Contras in Nicaragua, covered his illegal actions, and violated Separation of Powers and Checks & Balances.

4. Laser-Beam Defense Shield (slide 6)

though scientists disagreed that this couldn't be perfected, Reagan went against them and spent BILLIONS of dollars for the unsuccessful development.

5. Supply Side Economy (p 741)

Reagan chose to cut taxes to boost economy and produce jobs, which resulted in a major budget deficit and a HUGE national debt.

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