Noteworthy 2022

Waikato Literacy Association: Term 4

Summer is on the way...

The next couple of months is a busy time for our committee as we finalise our exciting 2023 calendar which will be coming out before the end of the year. We have a great mix of student and teacher events- some digital- some face to face.

We had some excellent teacher feedback from our Murray Gadd event. Included in this Noteworthy are some examples of student's writing inspired by Murray's ideas and implemented by some pretty onto it teachers.

The Young Authors & Illustrators event was once again a huge success with a large turnout of enthusiastic students.

Summer is a fast approaching and our William Pike event is around the corner with some inspirational messaging to carry us through a busy Term 4. This event is the perfect opportunity to mix, mingle and be entertained.

Hope to see you there!

William Pike: Motivational Speaker

Thursday, Nov. 3rd, 3:30pm

26 Berkley Avenue

Hamilton, Waikato

Enjoy an afternoon of positivity (3.30pm - 5.15pm)

Bring a FREE young person with every adult registration

$40 WLA Members

$50 Non-members

Highlights from Murray Gadd

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The Perspective of a Beginning Teacher.

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the Writing seminar organised by the Waikato Literacy Association. As a beginning teacher, literacy is a curriculum area I have felt most nervous about, especially when trying to build the interest of boys in writing. This seminar not only built my confidence but developed my own teaching philosophy in writing. The immense knowledge, experience and research Murray Gadd presented was truly inspiring. First and foremost, he spoke about understanding our learners and the interests that drive them. He then discussed the cruciality of targeting our teaching to learners' needs. The highlight of this seminar was the way he showed how I could easily manage and format this to ensure all my learners were growing in Writing. I am very appreciative of this opportunity and look forward to future seminars!

Preet Kaur

Writing inspired by the book... Diary of a Worm

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Written by children in Room 6 at St Joseph's Catholic School in Morrinsville

Diary of a sloth - By Alyse (Year 5)

August 8th

I was going to go to a birthday party today but by the time I got there I was 7 hours late. I should have known walking would not be a fast option.

August 9th

I was having a peaceful sleep until Mum told me that sleeping in until lunch time was not healthy for you. I said that if I wanted to be fast then I need to have more sleep, but Mum still did not listen.

August 15th

I went to school today and our teacher was sick so we had this amazing looking fox and I can not lie I was in love . So at the end of class I came up to her but the time I got up there she was gone ….my dreams were crushed.

September 8th

Today at school we had cross country. I came last… no surprises there! I still got a certificate because they felt bad that I could not go any faster so it was a win-win for me.

Diary of an axolotl - By Cole (Year 5)

August 8th

I got adopted today but I cannot be in my tank because my owner doesn't have one, so I’ll be in the sink.

August 11th

Bob got me some fish friends but he said I couldn't eat them. Oh, they looked so tasty.

August 12th

I made a friend today, she was a butterfly fish, her name was Vic and she was soooo tasty! I mean friendly……

…… Okay I ate VICTORIA.

Diary of a Bee - By Max (Year 4)

May 10th

Today is my birthday so I got my first job.

YAY! I am now a worker bee, one of 80 000 in my hive.

May 18th

My first solo flight did not go as planned. I was almost killed because I took a wrong turn into the park and flew into a human.

I returned to the hive without any pollen which means I don’t get paid. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

May 21st

I couldn’t go to work for 2 days after my accident. So today is my first day back on the job.

I was very careful and found a flower patch close by the hive to collect pollen from.

It was so sweet and by the end of the day I was covered in yellow pollen.

May 23rd

Today the weather was not the best.

First it was sunny and I had a lot of yellow pollen on my back and then it started to rain and all that pollen that I had fell off and I got all wet.

So I did not tell my boss this time.

Murray Gadd's Video Lesson put into practise

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Extract from Claudia (Year 8) Inspired by the book Keys by Sasha Cotter & Josh Morgan

…I open a door with a tiny key and see a room of books and paradise where I can sit, relax and read whatever I like. I don’t have to worry about the world around me. I close the door…

Books for Babes - 2022 Pohlen Hospital

Celebrating International Literacy Day on September 8 is a chance to annually recognise the importance of growing literacy from a young age. The Waikato Literacy Association has been involved with ‘Books for Babes’ and sharing this initiative with different maternity units throughout our region.

Over the past 5 years we have presented books to Te Awamutu, Hamilton, Huntly, Taumarunui and this year we presented books to newborns and their families to Pohlen Hospital maternity unit in Matamata.

Pohlen Hospital services a wide area - From Paeroa to Putaruru and all areas in between. So it was a wonderful choice to donate these this maternity unit to know they will reach many homes within our Matamata-Piako And South Waikato Districts.

The book selected was ‘Hush a Kiwi Lullaby’ written by the much-loved author Joy Cowley. It is a beautiful book written in Te Reo and English with delightful illustrations. We’ve had the ongoing support from Scholastic with this initiative.

Judith Woodham and Sandie Haddock from the WLA a committee made the special delivery to Matamata. What was even more special was that they were invited to hand the book to a new arrival to the maternity unit - with both mum and dad present who were still on cloud nine after the delivery of their firstborn.

Readers are born in the laps of loved ones.

Sandie Haddock

Keep an eye out for these in books... In a great bookshop near you.

Young Authors & Illustrators Conference

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