Monday Memo



We make an impact! I truly appreciate all you do to help our students and staff and going above and beyond.....being more than your job description!
Take a bow - Doug


I wanted to touch base with you and to send my sincere appreciation out to those that have help us in this time of transition. I will say that the "shock" of all of sudden not having a phone system for ICMS was a bit concerning and upsetting. I think the "no notice" was the most upsetting. After working with Doug King, Dan Bridgforth and all the others that have stepped up to help us, I feel very confident that this situation will end on a positive note. Doug has really been a blessing and has gone way above to help rectify the unfortunate situation. Thanks to each and everyone on your help and support. We are hoping to get the phone system back up and running sometime next week. Thank you!


Vana Baker

Mrs. Vana Baker M.Ed., Principal/Superintendent Independence Charter

Take a bow - Bryan

Subject: Brian Bloomer

Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you what a help he was! Computers make me crazier than I already am and he walked me right through it! I appreciate his help and just wanted you to know that he is top drawer.


Jamie Brock, M.Ed

Special Education Instructional Supervisor

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Thoughts and Prayers

Please direct your thoughts to Rick Spry, as he lost his mother on Christmas Eve.

We are very sorry for your loss, Rick. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.


Monday, Jan. 11th, 5:30pm

900 North Klein Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK

We have one item the agenda. E-Rate approval for 16-17, which includes our standard category 1 services and replacement of Wireless Access Points. With the budget forecast, we'll most likely not be able to afford our share for the WAPs, but it never hurts to try.

CO Staff Meeting - Auditorium

Wednesday, Jan. 13th, 8am

900 North Klein Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK

Spaghetti Cook Off

Friday, Feb. 12th, 11:30am

1134 Northwest 8th Street

Oklahoma City, OK

Mark your calendars for our Spaghetti cook off! I got robbed last year, so I found a new recipe and I think I've perfected it. I'll create a google sign up sheet and post it next week.
Out-sourcing vs. In-Sourcing

I found this short youtube video that talks about insourcing vs outsourcing. It comes down to the magnitude and scope of change. Dr. Kotter is a name brand in thought leadership with regard to Change Management.