Biotechnology Project

by Pate Mcglamery

Role of DNA in biotechnology and medicines

DNA is the main thing that the Biotechnology scientisets use. Its the genaric matierial for all living things so thats what the sciensetests use to create all the vaccines and defences for us and plants. They also create medicines like penicilin and insulin so people with diabeats can live happyer and safer lifes.

Biotechnology in agriculture

Scientacests make new plants that can fight off more desisese and will live longer and also live in colder climates.They use genartic enginering which is the DNA of one plant put into another.

How biotechnology can clean up the enviroment

Biotechnology can clean up chemicals and any type of oil gas or chemical spills.The microbes that clean up the chemicals are all better than using chemicals to clean up chemicals.

Negatives to biotechnology

A large negative i know of is if a microrganisims can escape and start to kill the natural system. The negative imppacts are natural system destruction.

Food science

If i was looking at food sciences i would try to find bacteria that make foods taste better healthier and have a smaller chance of food poisoning. i would fix any type of food disordar as well.

NC"s national rank

NC"S national rank is 7th.