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Ms. Pierson's Class

This Previous Week

This previous week we worked on learning to recognize rhyming words. Our class spent a lot of time learning how to group words that sound alike. Your child will bring home a sheet of paper that has groups of pictures of rhyming words on it glued on. The purpose of this lesson was for our students to recognize rhyming words with practice and repetition. Your students glued pictures of rhyming words to make mini-collages of words that rhyme. All of our students are very proud of their work and I have allowed them to take them home to show you what they made. If your student would like to display their work in our classroom then you can put it back into their green folder and we will hang them around our room next week. Below you will find a link to PBS Kids that you may use with your children at home.

In our class we are also creating alternate endings for stories as well as continuing on the ends of stories that we read in class. I sent home a summary of the stories that we read and I also noted how your children expanded on these stories and the drawings that they made for their new endings. I am proud of the imagination that all of our students showed in these activities and we will continue this on for the next few weeks.

Coming up

Next week we will begin learning to recognize words that begin with the same sound, such as: pencil, paper, park.

11/8: Pajama day! There will be no need to set out clothes for the day, roll out of bed and come to class in your pajamas!

11/14: Career day. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Classroom Parents

It's time to get involved! Parents and family members, if you would like to help out in our classroom then please contact me. I am asking for volunteers to help cutting, glueing, and decorating materials needed for upcoming lessons this year. I would like to thank you for the strong support I have received from each and every one of you so far this year, I could not do this without your help!

Ms. Pierson

If you have any questions or concerns about your child and/or our classroom activities feel free to contact me anytime.