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Back to School

We have kicked off this school year virtually! Even though we are pushing through a pandemic, our goal of academic excellence is always in sight. Our families have been so engaged in ensuring that our students are online and maximizing this new space. The attendance rate is high, enthusiasm is increasing, and our teachers are reinventing teaching in innovative ways. We are so appreciative for all the ways that our partners have supported us in these trying times. Because of your amazing spirit of giving, we have been able to supply our students with everything they needed to start the year strong!

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As you all know, Hollis has a rich community culture! One of the many ways we are able to foster rich relationships is through our school-wide House system. Our Lower School (grades PK-4) is comprised of 3 Houses:

  • Red House
  • Yellow House
  • Green House

Last year, our Upper School (grades 5-8) adopted the Ron Clark Academy House System that includes 4 houses:

  • Altruismo (Black)
  • Amistad (Red)
  • Isibindi (Green)
  • Reveur (Blue)

This year we are seeking partners to sponsor a House. Whether we remain in the virtual setting or return to brick and mortar, our goal in maintaining the cultural integrity of our school will not change. Below are a few of the ways to support a house:

  • Volunteering for special events
  • Attend House Meetings
  • Guest speaking
  • ClassDojo incentives
  • Provide incentives for teachers
  • Hosting career day
  • Help to facilitate a STEM challenge
  • Parent Engagement

If you are interested in sponsoring a House, please email me!

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We value each and every one of our partners and the commitment that you make to sustaining and giving to our growing school community. Preparing for a virtual school year in the midst of a pandemic is something that no one has ever mastered. The Hollis community is so grateful that you continue to support us in the midst of uncertain times.

Our super partners--"Hollis Hero Partners"--this month are:

  • Mercedes-Benz USA
  • Peachtree Road United Methodist Church
  • Westside Future Fund

We would not have been able to provide our students and staff with an awesome start to the year without your support!

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