Daily Memo - Week of April 11

Building Successful Futures - Every Student, Every Day

Friday - April 15

We are done with our block schedule this week. We will have two days of it next week on Monday and Tuesday. Marcia will be doing make-up testing today for anyone who missed yesterday.

Office Schedules

Bryon - 4 Baseball

David - 4 Baseball

Lindsey -7:45 Interview, 9 Interview, 1 interview

Redmen Time form for next week



A. Burbank - K. Soyland

A. Lilie - D. Hansen

A. Hildman - W. Scott

B. Dimmitt - R. Keys

J. Coco - J.Funk

J. Lindsey - A. Loew

M. Swenson

K. Reiger - L. Schrick

Thursday - April 14

Last day of testing for this week! Thank you to everyone who has been flexible with this schedule. We are almost done! Just a reminder that we don't have our assembly today. So if you want a meeting for your club or sport, let me know and we can announce it during Redmen Time. Right now Kathy will talk to the 9 and 12th graders about Spring Fling and Jim has a meeting with the Football players.

Office Schedules

Bryon - workshop all

David - nothing schedules at this time

Lindsey - 9 BC talk, testing throughout the day


M. Jarombek

J. Shughart

A. Burbank - K. Soyland

H. Matthias - R. Scott

A. Hughes - J. Funk

K. Reiger - S. Berger

C. Crumb

Wednesday - April 13

Happy Wednesday! Two more days of testing this week! Yay!! We are on Block A (1,3,5,7) today.

Office Schedules

Byron: 8:30 Susan

David: 9:30 George

Lindsey - 8: Senior Shout-outs with KAIR Radio, Testing throughout the day


A. Burbank- A. Loew

D. Lang - R. Scheid

H. Matthias - J. Funk

ISS - M. Wohlgemuth

K. Dove

R. Ettleman - K. Soyland AM

Tuesday - April 12

We are in Block B Testing Schedule Today. Redmen Time is at the end of the day. Kathy will be meeting with kids for 15 minutes to go over Spring Fling Competitions. She will take the Sophomores for the first 15 minutes of Redmen Time and then will call for the Juniors. Half of the Seniors will be in the library having their iPads evaluates. The other half will stay in Advisories or teachers rooms. If any of them want to do a senior shout-out for KAIR I will call them out to the office at that time. We will switch when the students are done in the library.

I am putting coupon in your boxes so you can give them out today during Redmen Time.

Tech Tuesday

We have Ed showing us a bit about Showbie this morning and after school. Remember you can get PDP points as well food by attending this events! This mornings starts at 7:20 in the library.

Redmen Time Lists


Office Schedules

Nothing scheduled at this time


A. Burbank

M. Hall

M, Swenson

S. Ross

Monday - April 11

Today we start testing! We are on Block A Today - I will most likely be in all classrooms that are testing in and out of testing today! Should be fun!!

Office Schedule

Bryon - no scheduled meetings

David - no scheduled meetings

Lindsey - no scheduled meetings


Lilie - PM

Block A (4/11, 4/13, 4/18)

Period 1: 7:50-9:26

Period 3: 9:29-11:05

Lunch A: 11:08-11:28

Period 5: 11:31-1:07

Period 5: 11:08-12:44

Lunch B: 12:47-1:07

Period 7: 1:10-2:45