Do you think you could have survived?!?!

Here's How It Goes!

Air Florida crashed on 14 street bridge which carries interstate 395 between Washington DC and Arlington County. This was caused by a heavy snow storm. The number a fatalities was 78. the destination was set for Fort Lauder-Dale Florida. Rumors says what the airport flight control personal are to blame. It was said that before the plane left they were having trouble getting traction on the runway before left off. The flight control still granted lift off even though the conditions were harsh. The pilot of the plane are also held accountable because they did not know how to operate in these conditions. However still went straight to the cock pit. As they made left off the pilot made a technical error and forgot to turn on the anti-ice system in the engine. As the crash happened 7 pedestrian vehicles were crushed and thrown off the bridge and drivers instantly killed.


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