Salmon's Week 2 Update

September 7th - 11th

Overview of Week

We read the novel Because of Winn-Dixie. The skill was sequencing (order of events in a story) and summarizing. Ask about the saying "Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Than". This is how we organize our thoughts for summarizing a fiction literature.

The students have worked on map skills with latitude and longitude questions. We also began taking notes on the Southwest region (Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas). Our unit on science we have watched some "cool" and fun videos using BrainPOP explaining why classification helps us understand ideas better.

Peek at the Week

Reading: Our story will be "The Horned Toad Prince" this week. We will focus on the Author's Purpose and Story Structure. Our spelling words in-line with the story all have the same pattern of the long e (-ie, -ey, -y)

Writing: The goal is capitalizing:

1) beginning of sentences

2) pronoun "I"

3) proper nouns: names of people, places and specific things

Social Studies: We will continue to learn about the Southwest and more about the economy of the area. Plan on a study guide coming home in the next week to help focus the learning.

Science: We are learning about classification and how this helps us to understand and group animals better. This unit will then lead into a unit on the human body.


*Please remember to sign your child's agenda nightly. If there is a "HW" by the assignment, this means they need to finish this item for homework.

* Please check DOJO points we have had a lot of success with this in class and I can tell. If you see "red" or negative points this is due to something they "need to work on". Some examples are: talking in the hall or at an inappropriate time, missing homework, agenda not signed, behavior,etc.

* Yellow Folders - have your child remove any items in the "Leave at home". The other side "Return to School" is where you will find homework for the night.

Friday, September 4th Hat Day: pay $1.00 to support a local child injured in a bike accident.

Monday, September 7th Labor Day: No School

Tuesday, September 8th Title1 starts for identified students

Contact Info:

Keep in Touch!! Here are a few ways. If you call the classroom during the day I will not answer, but you may leave a message. I may not be able to listen until after school. I see emails most of the day and this is the best way to get in touch.