Identity Theft

By Blake.


The fraudulent use of someone's private information, usually for financial gain.

How to protect yourself from identity theft

Be careful with your information, if you use social media, be anonymous. Not necessarily with your name but with your Address, SSI, Credit Card, etc.

You can also use programs like LifeLock or AARP. These agencies usually only charge around $9-$20 a month.

How someone can steal your identity

Some one can steal your identity in a multitude of ways, such as pick pocketing, hacking, or in some cases, in person. Someone may approach you and ask general questions like age, occupation, height, or other general questions. If someone approaches you and asks you a lot of shady questions, leave the conversation and call the police.

What to do if your identity is stolen

Cancel your credit card, call 911, try not to make any online purchases, do this as fast as you can so is not to risk your credit score, or money.

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