Literacy Follow-up

Teaching strategies for ALL readers

What do students need to learn?

On Oct. 15, your department selected a literacy strategy based on your students' data in AIMSweb.

What strategy did you select?

SHS Teachers were unsure, so...

On Nov. 1, I did choral reading and "Think, Link, Ink" or "Think, Ink, Link" with 5 classes here at Statesville High.

  • Students were willing.
  • Some teachers saw the value of doing the selected strategy.
  • Some teachers were already using "parts" of the strategy.

How did it "go"?


  1. When did you use/see the strategy?
  2. How did the students respond?
  3. What went well?
  4. How would you improve the strategy for your students?

Take some time to review the strategies in action

The videos below illustrate "Think, Ink, Link, " Choral (or Echo) Reading, Readers Theater, and I've also included two additional resources that might be useful: Literacy Partners and Repetition.

Think Ink Link
Echo Reading
Union High Performing "The Last Drop"

Frequently Asked Questions

"Why should I take class time to "do" a literacy strategy if all my students are "green" or my students are in an "advanced" class?"

  • Being "green" in AIMSweb or enrolling in an advanced class doesn't automatically mean that the student comprehends everything he/she reads.
  • Choral reading improves fluency and comprehension, regardless of ability level, and can be completed in under 3 minutes (depending on the passage).
  • "Think, Ink, Link" improves comprehension and provides the teacher with an opportunity to SEE what every child in the classroom comprehends; the master teacher uses this opportunity as formative assessment and then adjusts instruction accordingly.

"These are high school students; they aren't going to do these activities or take them seriously because the activities seem too 'elementary.'"

  • Students, as a whole, will take on the attitude of the educator. If you see the value these strategies have, your students will value them. For students to value them, you need to briefly explain that doing this activity will help them read better and/or understand more of what they read (with relatively little work on the student's part).

"I need choices and resources!"