Sts. Philip Neri & Teresa of Avila

Samantha Ferrara

Saint Philip Neri

  • Referred to as the "Reformer of Rome"
  • Helped bring back a spirit of piety to the Eternal City
  • Founded the Oratorians - a congregation of secular priests dedicated to the spiritual formation and support of the clergy
  • Feast day - May 26

St. Philip's Contributions

  • Spent 40 years helping restore Rome as the central city of Catholicism
  • Appointed the Venerable Cardinal Baronius to write a response to The Centuries - attempted to discredit the Church hierarchy and attack the authority of the pope
  • Baronius published his Annales Ecclesiastici in 12 volumes in response to The Centuries

St. Teresa of Avila

  • A young Carmelite nun whose early life was filled with serious illnesses that reduced her health to a pitiful state
  • Began the practice of meditation through her sufferings
  • Feast day - October 15

St. Teresa's Contributions

  • Established the Discalced Carmelites and founded 16 houses for it
  • Wrote magnificent treatises on the interior life that have become part of the patrimony of the Church's spirituality - including The Way of Perfection, Foundations, and Life
  • Pope Paul VI proclaimed her a Doctor of the Church in 1970 - she is 1 of only 3 female DOC