March Newsletter

Discovery Isle Temecula

From your Front Office

February was a great month at our school! In anticipation of spring, our teachers are busy planning meaningful learning activities that will help students gain an appreciation for the changing seasons. In order to make the most of the next few months we will be spending extra time outdoors so our students can interact with nature. Please make sure your child has weather appropriate outerwear for school each day.

Along with that our classrooms will be working on their patios and playgrounds to get a hands look at gardening. If you feel so inclined we are taking donations of flowers, seeds, potting soil, etc. Please check with us for clarification!

Thank you,

Kristi and Casey

Heroes in our Hearts

We want to thank all of the Heroes in our Hearts! While we know everyone over the last year has had to overcome extreme circumstances, we know these frontline workers saw the worst of it. We are thankful to do what we do, so that they can do what they do!

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Texas Strong

We all witnessed the extreme weather conditions that Texas was faced with last month. In the mix of that storm, many of our sister schools were hit hard. Some of them are just in need of repair but others will need to be rebuilt.

While some staff and families have been displaced by this, we wanted to do all we can at the moment to help spread some of our California Sunshine! We shared this video with them and hoped to bring light to a dark time.

In months to come we will continue to support them as much as we can!

March Calendar

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Heading out of town for Spring Break?

Please let us know if you are planning on using your vacation time this month.

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Remember to spring those clocks forward on March 14th!