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February 21, 2020

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Kids Heart Challenge

We are wrapping up Kids Heart Challenge with the American Heart Association. Thank you so much for helping our campus stay heart-healthy and save lives at the same time! If you haven’t had a chance to join the TEAM there’s still time to earn ALL the Heart Heroes… Perrie, Knox, Nico, Sofie, Crush, and Sunny! Get started now by downloading our APP called Kids Heart Challenge for iPhone and Android OR go online CLICK HERE to View Our School Webpage and Sign Up (you can earn a wristband just for registering).

Blanton… it’s our time to SLIME! Our school is excited to be participating in the Kids Heart Challenge, SLIME CHALLENGE! Any student who raises at least $150 online by Feb 28th will earn the opportunity to SLIME one of the coaches!* Register by downloading the Kids Heart Challenge APP or by signing up online at Through Kids Heart Challenge your students are learning about how to take care of their hearts, spreading the message of heart health and helping others! LET’S GET THIS SLIME PARTY STARTED!!!

*Slime date to be determined.

Use the Kids Heart Challenge app or website and be sure to send texts or post to Facebook to spread the word and save even more lives!

Watch the heart-healthy experience that students are having at school!

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Straight Talk: February 25, 2020, 12:00 PM

PTA in Texas works tirelessly to ensure the health and happiness of all students. With the U.S. vaping crisis now at a dangerous new high among teens, Texas PTA recognizes the urgency to address this critical situation well before the start of the 87th Legislative Session next year. Students as young as middle school are becoming sick because of this popular yet lethal trend, and much of this crisis is playing out every day in schools across the state.

On February 25, beginning at 12:00 pm, Texas PTA is hosting the first-ever Straight Talk at the Capitol: A Matter of Life and Breath. Two panels will give students, parents, and physicians an opportunity to share their stories and discuss what can be done – at home, in school, and at the state level.

We invite you to watch the event with us at the Blanton Elementary Library. It will be coming to us LIVE from the Texas PTA Facebook page. Questions will be taken in advance and addressed as time allows. (Submit your question for panelists here.)

This special event will be used as a springboard to enact change. Together we can extinguish teen vaping. Please join us. For more information on panelists, go to

Open Heart

We are excited to support a former Blanton student, Siena Rhoads, in the Open Heart Children's Charity. A donation box is available at the front of the school to collect new and unused stuffed animals. These will be given to children with congenital heart defects as they prepare for surgery. The class that donates the most stuffed animals by February 28th will win a Freddy's Frozen Custard party!
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Thank You, Watch DOGS!

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Blanton's SUPER Fun Run will be held on Friday, March 27th! Fun Run is the primary fundraiser for Blanton PTA. We don't sell wrapping paper, candy, or cookies... we just ask that you make a simple donation and ask a few friends and family, too! We will have a new online pledge system this year which will allow to you very easily send the donation link to friends and family as well as track your student's donation progress.

We have a large goal of $25,000 in student donations this year. These funds allow the PTA to continue to provide special programming for students, grants for teachers and the school, as well as the fun family events we are able to provide. We want to continue to do amazing things for our staff and students and all it takes is a donation. If just each Blanton student could get $50 in donations we would meet our goal.

Be on the lookout during February for details on the pledge system and individual student pages. We'll also be unveiling all the super cool prizes students can win!

We are currently looking for corporate/business sponsors for Fun Run. If you, or someone you know, owns a business or works for a business that would like to be a sponsor, please visit the Fun Run link on (top left side) for more information on sponsor levels and benefits.

Notice Of PTA Officer Elections for the 2020-2021 School Year

Thursday, March 19th at 6:00 PM - Blanton Cafeteria

(during the General PTA Meeting)

Nominations will be accepted until March 11th.

We encourage you to consider running for one of the open PTA positions below:




Staff Appreciation

UNITE Co-chair

Fun Run Co-chair

Family Hospitality (Morning with Mom, Donuts with Dad, Bingo Night, etc.)

Dad’s Program (WatchDOGs)

Workroom Coordinator Co-chair

School Supplies

Webmaster (new for 2020-2021)

If you're interested in serving on the board in an Executive role, as a committee chair, or if you just have questions about what being a board member is all about, email and we'll get you involved! Information on positions available for the coming school year can be found on

February Menu

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Upcoming Events

Feb. 17 ~ Student Holiday

Feb. 18 ~ 4th and 5th Parent Strength Training (part 3)

Feb. 21 ~ Honor Choir Performance; 6:15 p.m. at Ryan High School

Feb. 24-28 ~ Musician in Residence

Feb. 26 ~ District Reflections Awards 5:30 at Ryan High School

Feb. 27 ~ Ocarina Karate Performances in Cafeteria

Mar. 2-6 ~ Teacher Appreciation Week

Mar. 3 ~ EXPO STEM Night in Cafeteria

Mar. 4-5 ~ Tae Kwon Do in PE

Mar. 6 ~ End of 3rd Quarter

Mar. 9-13 ~ Spring Break

Mar. 16 ~ No School for Students

Mar. 18 ~ Report Cards available in HAC

Mar. 23-27 ~ Spring Book Fair

Kindness Week