Philip ll of Spain

By: Olivia Yerian

Birth date: May 21, 1527

Death date: September 13, 1598

Ruled Spain from 1556-1598

Name of Monarch: Philip II of Spain

Family name: Hapsburg

Approach to Government

King Philip II wanted to spread Catholicism through out Spain. He devoted a lot of time and money into Catholicism. He caught in the churches defense. Spanish bishops were ordered to go to the Council of Trent to insist no protestants.


There were many policies put in. One policy is the foreign policy. That would end up affecting most of Europe. There were epic wins and embarrassing losses to this policy. Like how the Spanish Armada failed. Another policy would be the domestic policy. This was the beginning of the golden age. There were many battles fought through out this.


King Philip II had many achievements. One is in 1565, conquistadors began a conquest to the Philippines. This opened a trans-Pacific trade route to Mexico. Another was he drafters the armies of England when he raided because he was mad at his sitter in law (queen Elizabeth). She did not like the marriage between Philip II and Mary Tudor. One last achievement was he was also England and Ireland through his marriage with queen Mary.