Lord Of the Flies

By: Joey Jansma

Types of Government

  • Democracy - a form of government in which the supreme power is retained by the people, but which is usually exercised indirectly through a system of representation and delegated authority periodically renewed. (Live Science) In the story, Democracy is represented mainly by Ralph's tribe. In his tribe, everybody has a voice and it is his goal for everybody to be represented equally. Ralph also demands the basic necessity for life and he commands respect from his tribe. "We need shelters." (pg. 52) -Ralph. This shows that he demands respect from his tribe and that everybody participates.
  • Totalitarian - a government that seeks to subordinate the individual to the state by controlling not only all political and economic matters, but also the attitudes, values and beliefs of its population. (Live Science) In this story, Totalitarian is represented by Jacks tribe. Jack elevates himself above the rest of his tribe and calls himself the chief. "I will be the leader"- Jack (pg. 82) He also abuses his power as the self proclaimed chief by making his own members in his tribe treat him the very best. "Give me a drink." -Jack (pg. 175) this shows how he abuses his power and takes total control of his tribe.

Government I would choose for the Island

If I was on the island, I would defiantly choose Democracy. I would choose this because it represents everybody on the island, and everybody can have a fair and equal part in determining how the society on the island functions. Just like the real world, democracy works best if everybody has a say in what you do, which forms a society that fits the people. My constitution for the island would include the following rules; freedom of speech, so that everybody can have an equal say on the island, listen to higher authority when asked to do assigned rules, a punishment system that punishes anyone who doesn't listen, an election system to elect higher authority figures, a system of checks and balances so that someone can't obtain to much power, vote on everything so that it represents the majority of what the island desires, assigned roles so that it is known that on the island we have food, water, and shelter, and along with the punishment system, we should have a jail system where we can isolate anyone who could possibly be a threat to anyone on the island. Along with rules, I think people should have rights on the island as well. Everyone, like in the United States, will have the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion. These rights cannot be taken away, but privileges on the island can. This can be enforced by taking away some of their food or luxury items. All of these rules can be enforced with the punishment and jail system.

Real Life Historical Example

The real life historical example of a country that is affected by in-fighting would be the Greek Civil war. Some back round on the civil war is that it was from 1946-1949, and was fought between the Greek government army and the Democratic Army of Greece. (History Today) The Greek government army was supported by the United States and England, and the Democratic Army of Greece was funded by the Soviet Union, or present day Russia. (History Today) This was said to be the start of the tension between the United States and Russia. This was the first conflict that sparked up the tension. In 1941, General Makatos died which put Greece in a state of terror. (History Today) This allowed for the communists to take over. This affected the population by taking out a large portion of their population. Between the government army and the Democratic army there was a total of 38,389 deaths. (History Today) This absolutely destroyed Greece. It cost around 3 billion dollars in their time. (History Today) It affected the government by the Greece government army taking over, also marking a United States victory. This made Russians angry and felt the need to retaliate. This is very similar to Lord of the Flies. Jack would be the Democratic Army of Greece, and Ralph would be the government army. Ralph represents what the normal is, and Jack represents the rebels. A quote that represents this is "Conch! Conch! We don't need the conch anymore. We know who ought to say things" (Chapter 7) This shows that he wants to take over the tribe.

Current political conflict

The current political conflict that I have chosen was the violence in Mexico. On the cartel side, they smuggle approximately 90% of the United States cocaine supply, and do other illegal activities such as other drug trafficking, organized hit men, and other mob activities. (GCT) Mexico is trying to eliminate this completely and bring a feeling of safety and a feeling of security to the streets of Mexico and eliminate the cartel completely. The cartels reasoning is very simple; money. They do all of the illegal things that they do to provide for their families and make a living. Mexico wants to keep their streets safe because that is the right thing to do, and they do not want their home country to have a bad reputation. They care about the people and want to be safe. Mexico's approach to solving this is to increase boarder control. since 90% of cocaine is smuggled across the boarder. (GCT) This is a major component in the Mexican drug war and if they decrease this, this will be a huge win for Mexico. (GCT) Also, it was reported that Mexico will place more police officers in cities with bad reputations such as Mexico City, Veracruz, and Tampico. The strengths that the cartel has is that they are known to bribe the police, and find a lot of loop holes in the system. They can also hide and avoid the police and not have any confirmation with them. The strengths that Mexico has is they have money from the government and they can use that to try to track the cartel members. They also have more technology then them and can out smart most of the cartel members. Using this information that I have collected, I believe that the cartel will win. In my opinion, the war on drugs will never win because even though it is considered illegal, people will always do it. The police can do things to try and stop them from selling drugs but criminals will always find a way to sell drugs and cause trouble.
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