Whats It Really Worth?

Jackson Bishop

Can we find the line between fast food and healthy food?

Disadvantages Of Fast Food

“Fast food is popular because it's convenient, it's cheap, and it tastes good. But the real cost of eating fast food never appears on the menu” (Schlosser)

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A few problems fast food may lead to would be things such as...

Weight gain


Type 2 diabetes

Coronary artery disease

Why's this important?

The growing number today of kids with these major health issues are rapidly increasing and it is all leading back to the footsteps of these fast food companies. I believe if people are brought to awareness of the downfalls they might reconsider it the next time they pull into a fast food restaurant.
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Super Size Me

Morgan Spurlock did a experiment where he ate nothing but fast food for 30 days. The results were crazy so of course this diet screwed up his physical life as you can imagine with crazy weight gain, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. He always got headaches and became very depressed. His energy level was very low and he never wanted to do anything. Eating fast food can affect your physical and mental health.

Every kid wants a toy with their meal

Today, these toys are just as big of an issue in the problem than the food itself. Every time a kid see's a sign or commercial from McDonald's or BK that has a certain toy from the newest movie then that kid is very determined to get that toy.

According to Joseph M. Jones, toys increase sales and consumer interest and with the increase of sales also come along the increase of weight gain from the lack of nutritional providence.

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According to a study, conducted by Stender Dyerberg and A. Astrup, people who ate at Burger King or McDonalds more than twice a week gained 4.5kg more weight and had a 104% greater chance with insulin resistance.

Whats it really worth?

This is the question that we should all be asking ourselves because with so many problems and issues that could really effect us we have to be considering how much it is really worth for us.

Harmful Ingredients

Extra sugar

Food dye

Sodium nitrite

L-cysteine which is made of duck feather and or human hair

Mechanically separated meat

And so many more

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Ask Dr. Nandi: Chemicals in fast food

Fast food is very dangerous yet many people don't realize the underlining long term causes.

I can relate this topic to the color blue because with eating fast food to much and to frequently you can become very depressed or moody which can become very emotional. Also, I can relate this to the color orange because fast food today is very real-life and normal to be at for most people even though it's not good for you.