Here come the Vikings

Viking trades

What did the Vikings Trade

The Vikings traded timber, furs, slaves, walrus ivory, ropes, fish, weapons, feathers, soapstone, cloth, jewels/ gemstones, wheat, tin, honey, salt, wine, pottery, glass, gold, amber, silver, silk, falcons, spices, sword blades, wool, whale products, iron ore and whetstones and grindstones.

How did what the Vikings trade link to their jobs?

The majority of Vikings were farmers. They grew barley, oats, rye, and fruits and vegetables. They also raised cattle, goats, pigs, and sheep. Other Vikings worked in fishing, metalworking, shipbuilding, and woodcarving. So all products they traded were linked to their work/specialities.
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How and where did the Vikings trade

Viking traders sailed to most parts of the known world. The superiority of Viking ship building skills enabled them to trade in faraway lands. The Vikings traded all over Europe, and as far east as Central Asia. The Swedish Vikings sailed as far away as Baghdad and Greenland for trading opportunities.

Why did the Vikings trade?

Not all Vikings were about raiding. The Swedish Vikings were more interested in trading. Trade provided them with a more stable income.