Pinch Hit

Book by Tim Green/Book Report by Garrett Whitten

About the book

Pinch Hit is a book about two kids. One is a rich kid who is an actor ,Trevor. He has everything he could want except baseball; he wants to play baseball. The other kid, Sam, is poor but luckily he is a great baseball player who has a chance to make it in the majors. Sam is hired as a stunt double for Trevor. The boys look exactly alike. When Trevor's mom finds out, she has Sam fired for no reason.

Sam goes back to his house for baseball practice. Only thirty minutes into practice, Trevor arrives. He waits 2 hours and thirty minutes til Sam is done. When Sam is done Trevor ask Sam to come to his house. Sam gets permission from his dad, so he does. When at Trevor's house, Trevor asked Sam if they want to trade places. Sam says "what do you mean?" Trevor says "I will play baseball and you will be an actor." Sam finally agrees because he and his dad need the money.

Trevor thinks on his way home, "I finally get to play baseball." A couple days later Trevor has his first practice, and it's hitting. When Trevor is up to bat, he hits a double, triple, and two singles. He thinks "I did amazing" but his coach does not. "Come on Sam I expect one home run at least." See Sam and this other kid are trying to win a MVP award, so Trevor needs to step up his game for Sam's sake.

Its time for Trevor's first and last game. Trevor has three at bats, and he gets out every time. It's his last at bat, and he hits a game winning double. Next thing he knows, the men are selecting the MVP in the next game which is in two hours.

Fortunately, Sam and Trevor switch back, and Sam wins the MVP award.

Why I chose this book

I chose this book because I really enjoy playing baseball. Also many of my friends had told me about the author Tim Green so I thought I would try this book.

Website about Tim Green

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