I just need summer...

Hello June!

9 days until takeoff - almost Minnesota bound!

With a little over a week left here in Sweden we are bundled up on the couches (that we can't get sold to save our lives) as torrential rain (often sideways) soaks the already saturated ground...oh and it's only 40 degrees outside. Our bags are semi-packed and we have a full week's worth of activities that will carry us through our departure on Thursday in Gothenburg. It is insane how fast this past year has gone. It seems like just yesterday we were sitting in our empty apartment with no electricity, no luggage and not a clue in the world what we were doing...but we did it! It is always funny to me the things you remember about an experience and this one will be no different. Among other things, I will remember that these boots walked all over Europe and took me on shopping sprees where I probably spent too much, joined me on Fikas where I definitely ate too much and walked me across the playground on countless break duties where I got to see some of the best smiles and hear the best laughs from our students. I also will look back on this year as the year my BFF Beyonce and I really got to hang out. I listened to her album EVERY SINGLE DAY while walking to and from school. She's my girl and if she knew how much time I spent listening to her since August, she'd probably file a restraining order...so let's just keep that between us. ;) Lots of memories made here, looking forward to reminiscing about them all for many years to come.

June Highlights - Giveaway - Skin Tips

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