National Oil Reducing Program by Natural Gas in U.S.

Getting off Forgien Oil

As I'm sure everyone is aware of, the U.S. is too dependant on forgien oil because we as a country became too polutated, our own country's oil is not enough to supply everyones oil needs. Our dependence on the Middle East has grown dramatically and that is a problem. So we have created a plan to change the use of oil to natural gas.

Difference between Oil and Natural Gas

Fuel oils are burnable liquids extracted from crude oil. Fuel oils include heating oil, kerosene and diesel It can include edible oils as well as well petrochemicals. Oil comes out from the ground and is found in rocks.
Natural Gas is made up of primarily methane. Natural Gas comes from a variety of sources. Sometimes it is found underground, and it can also be found by itself in natural gas fields. It is also produced through natural processes in bogs, landfills, and sewage or manure dumps. Natural gas is a mixture of methane and other gases. It is produced when animals and plants decay.

Gas is better overall for the environment than oil, especially in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

Gas is overall better for the enviroment rather than Oil

The Steps to getting off forgien Oil

1.) Explore Natural Gas places in the U.S. First, the geologists explore on U.S. land for natural Gas places to drill. Once a potential natural gas deposit has been located by a team of exploration geologists and geophysicists, it is up to a team of drilling experts to dig down to where the natural gas is thought to exist. This leads us into step two.

2.) Drill in and produce national gas production of Gas in U.S. This step will describe the process of drilling for natural gas, both onshore and offshore. The process of digging deep into the Earth's crust to find deposits of natural gas the industry has developed a number of innovations and techniques that both decrease the cost and increase the efficiency of drilling for natural gas. Advancements in technology have contributed greatly to the increased efficiency and success rate for drilling natural gas wells.

3.) Develop a Gas engine to burn Natural Gas Inventors needs to develop an engine that is able to burn Natural Gas for fuel in cars, trains, and all other automobiles. Also, another alternative was is converting the engine in the already bought car to be able to burn Natural Gas.

4.) To Modify existing gas stations to take natural Gas delivery There are one of two ways to accomplish this step. One way to do this is to take Natural Gas by tanks around to all of the Gas stations in the U.S. Another way we can do this is by pipes to all of the gas stations or even to peoples homes in the future.

5.) To develop tanks on vehicles to safely hold and burn Natural Gas Other inventors need to produce and develop a way to make a tank on vehicles to safely transfer and burn the gas. We need a way to move it from where it’s drilled, to the gas station, and into the engines of the car. 6.) Market and sell the Natural Gas We need to figure out a way to get people interested in buying and switching to Natural Gas rather than oil. We need to advertise it and get the word out about how much it will help the environment by less greenhouse gases and how we won’t have to rely on foreign oil.

N.O.R.P.N.G.U.S- The overall Organization

N.O.R.P.N.G.U.S stands for National Oil Reducing Program by Natural Gas and our goal is basically reduce the amount of foreign oil used in the U.S. because as I’m sure you know, the U.S is way too dependent on our foreign oil imports. Especially since our population has dramatically increased along with our oil needs, we as a country need to resort to some other type of energy source. So we have created a plan to change that.

It consists of six steps. First we will have to explore the land in the U.S. for Natural Gas drilling places. The second step is we drill and produce national Gas production of Natural Gas in the U.S. Next, the third step is to develop a natural gas engine that is able to burn Natural Gas. After that is completed, the fourth step is to modify existing gas stations to take Natural Gas deliveries. Next, the fifth step, we need to develop tanks on vehicles to safely hold, transport, and burn the Natural Gas. The final step, step number six, is to get the word out and Market and sell our Natural Gas found in the U.S. After these are all completed we are ready for action to begin to get off our habit of using and importing all this foreign oil.

Another plus to switching to Natural Gas is that Natural Gas is way better over all for the environment in terms of greenhouse gases. So basically by switching to Natural Gas we are gaining two pluses by one action which are one, getting off foreign oil and being able to supply for ourselves and two, creating a better environment for nature and everything around us.

By supporting our organization you are helping the U.S. a lot. Help us create America a more stable, healthier and eco friendly way to get around and transport things. We are helping America solve a big problem and getting off our reliance on oil all together and creating a new and better way to get energy and still have the technology of the 21 century at your fingertips. By helping us you are eliminating our dependence on something that isn't even ours and making it into something found on our own homelands and right under our very own feet. We could be standing or sitting on Natural Gas right this very moment! We just need to get it and use it to our advantage.
Natural Gas: The Energy to Move Forward