Jewelry Bar

A new kind of BAR at the Contino's

Welcome to my new business!

Origami Owl jewelry is as unique as the person wearing it. Individuals can build their Living Lockets™ and Tagged™ Necklaces by selecting from a large variety of custom pieces to help create the perfect representation of their personal style and story.

Please check out my website and if you just can't help yourself (and I won't be surprised if you can't) and decide to place an order online, remember to use My Launch Party ID#202258 so I can earn some more display items.
My Launch Party ID#202258

If you are interested in earning FREE jewelry and hosting your own BAR book a party this week and get a FREE Dangle (up to $6 value). Pick your Dangle today and receive it at your Jewelry Bar.

I am here for you, to assist you in telling your story through this amazing jewelry. Please let me know how I can help.


Carlyn Contino

Independent Designer #33862

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