threats in the great barrier reef

topic sentence

The Great Barrier Reef is a site that has beautiful coral and marine life. However the Great Barrier Reef is facing threats on the marine life. I believe that we need to conserve this site because the marine life is dying. Are you willing to save the Great Barrier Reef.


Firstly the Great Barrier Reef is polluted. This is evident as the marine life is suffering. The reason why the marine life is suffering due to toxic waste, litter, rubbish and oil spills this is a sad , devastating and horrible to see the marine life suffering.

climate change

Secondly, the Great Barrier Reef is also facing threats from climate change. The climate change is making the coral bleached. The fish are dying due to climate change because the sun is heating up the water. This is fearful to see the sea temperature rising.


Finally the Great Barrier Reef needs to be conserved by trying to stop pollution from happening and trying to support the marine life from suffering. I believe we can stop constructing buildings and more of them to move to a different area and stop humans from causing pollution .