Design Studio 5

Weekly Newsletter--September 25, 2015

What a week we have had together!

Read below to find out all the great things that have been going on in Design Studio 5 this week. This is where you will find lots of important information about what we have been doing and what is coming up. To stay in the loop...check it all out!
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EPiC's First Ever Cardboard Amazement Park

Design Studio 5 accepts the challenge to create an entire amazement park from cardboard. We will begin this work next week and are looking forward to two weeks of design, innovation, play, creativity, hard work, collaboration, frustration (hopefully the good kind), and fun!!! We will be opening our amazement park for Exhibition Night on Tuesday, October 13th. Information went home this week in your child's backpack about this and two other fall events coming up. We need lots of cardboard, so if you have some, send it on up. Check out local businesses to help donate. We have a growing pile in the basement, but need tons to make it all of the things we want to!

Dates For Parents To Come In To Help

Because creativity often needs a helping hand, we are offering 2 times that you can come in to help your child work on their project or our large group project.

Tuesday, October 6th from 6-8 (we will put the game on the big screen) and Saturday, October 10th from 8-12. Just come to the back parking lot at EPiC and knock on the door for us to let you in. Last year this was a very special time for our students and their parents to work side by side on something and let the parents see the creative side of their kid. Parents also add a perspective that is needed to make their design dreams become a reality.

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Here is what we are learning in Design Studio 5

Math--We are starting to wrap up our chapter on addition and subtraction of decimals. Next Tuesday we will have a quiz over rounding with decimals, ordering decimals from least to greatest and greatest to least, adding, and subtracting with decimals, and problem solving with money. After Chapter 3, we are going to work some on multiplying with decimals. Is your child struggling with math facts? Reflex offers them support and practice in a gaming based platform. They have access to work on this at home using their iPad app.

Reading--We are learning about point of view which is very important because we want to make sure that students understand that point of view is more than 1st person or 3rd person, but a collection of experiences and beliefs that shape how you might react or behave. We are reading WONDER which shows us the story of a small boy through the point of view of all the people that encounter him. Then, we turned the tables and looked at the book Encounter by Jane Yolen to learn about why it is important for us to look at history from multiple perspectives. To the Tiano natives, Christopher Columbus may not have been worthy of a holiday.

Writing--We are wrapping up our Explorer Adobe Slates. They are really turning out amazing and we will be sharing these with you very soon. We will be working on some different types of writing over the next few weeks and will also be working with students to create a great writing piece to connect to a special project with the 3D printer.

Social Studies--Over the next few weeks we will look at a "History Mystery" with the Lost Colony of Roanoke and look at the first settlers.

Science--We are doing the first portion of our science experiments which include finding a partner, finding an experiment, and creating a supply list. Student have until October 14th to gather materials.