Treasured Team Fiscal Year

Celebrating your June 2014-May 2015

Hostesses are the Heart

Your hostess is the heart of your business!

Do you coach your hostess to help you? Do you feel you are partners with your hostess?

Do you know your hostess can help you get bookings, 10 guests at her party and outside orders. If you hostess coach her to help you, she will. She is looking for direction from you, but often doesn't ask.

Here are just a few things that will help her:

1. Give her a complete hostess packet. At least 2 catalogs, minis, outside order form, hostess flier, monthly customer special, recruiting flier and any additional promo fliers.

2. Make sure she gets you her guest list. If you take care of the invites, you know it is done!

3. Maintain clear and easy communication with her, at least 3 times.

4. Present her tasks to be easy and fun.

5. Give her goals. You can offer an incentive if she meets them. ie... Bookings, 10 guests, outside orders, $600 party ect.

6. Always send a Thank you!

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Who are our Top performers?

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Who are the next Top 10?

Ashley Coster-Dieter $6,890.83

Kelli Dixon $6,612.39

Christine Larson $6,214.75

Erica Lawrence $6,174.94

Erin Blome $5,883.17

Rachael Hasby $5,847.22

Nicole Blei $5,668.08

Lisa Biglar $4,793.09

Kayla Woyak $4,368.56

Michelle Gummer $4,365.50

Who are our TOP Party Girls?

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Who are the next TOP 10 Party Girls?

Ashley Coster Dieter 14

Erin Blome 13

Kelli Dixon 13

Lisa Biglar 10

Christine Larson 10

Nicole Blei 10

Rachael Hasby 10

Erica Lawrence 9

Lindsay Friedeck 9

Kayla Woyak 8

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Who are our TOP Dream Builders?

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Congratulations to Jennifer Kuchta on Promoting her 1st Gen 0 Director!!!