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Información Semanal de Español 1 February 8 - 12

Progress Reports

You can check your grades by reviewing your Grades tab on the left hand side of the screen.

  • Click the Grades button on the left of the screen
  • Select User Report from the Drop down menu.
  • All Work Due Currently is listed in the 1st Quarter (Q1) Category.

The Course Total is NOT you current grade, only Quarter 1. The Course Total calculation includes the 1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter and Final Project/Exam. It will only be accurate at the end of the Course once you have done ALL the work for the entire course.

  • Pay special attention to scores with a - or a 0. This means you have not completed the assignment and you should do so ASAP.
  • Incomplete work and 0s hurt your grade. :(
  • Progress Reports come out every two weeks.
  • The grading Period ends January 8th.
  • Call me with specific questions about your grade at (252) 256-7082

-This video will help:

Grade Calculations ~ Las calulaciones de notas

Assignments in this course are broken down into the following percentages:

Participation (GS Unit, eLinguafolio, RLCs) 10%

Speaking and Listening Assignments 15%

Reading and Writing Assignments 15%

Vocabulary Quizzes 20%

Cultural activities 15%

Summative Projects 25%

The total course grade (block courses) is calculated as follows:

Quarter 1 37.5%

Quarter 2 37.5%

Final Project 25%

Tareas de esta semana ~ Work Due this Week:

  • **Unidad 2 - Required Live Class** - (during week 3 or week 4)

  • Lección 2

    • _____ Práctica de Vocabulario

    • _____ Actividades de Vocabulario

    • _____ Prueba de Vocabulario

    • _____ Práctica de Gramática

    • _____ Escribir

    • _____ Leer

    • _____ Hablar

  • Lección 3

    • _____ Práctica de Vocabulario

    • _____ Actividades de Vocabulario

    • _____ Prueba de Vocabulario

    • _____ Práctica de Gramática

    • _____ Hablar

  • Lección 4

    • _____ Práctica de Vocabulario

    • _____ Actividades de Vocabulario

    • _____ Prueba de Vocabulario

    • _____ Práctica de Gramática

    • _____ Escuchar

    • _____ Escribir

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Schedule of Assignments for Spanish 1

Always make sure they are keeping up with the Course Schedule of Assignments. I would suggest downloading it and printing it out to make sure you are completing all of the assignments.

Here is the hyperlink the Course Schedule of Assignments for Spanish 1:

Only the assignments listed there will be counted for your grade. The Práctica and Actividades activities are practice and do not count for your grade, although they MUST be completed in order to move forward in the course.

Required Live Class (RLC) Schedule

Required Live Classes (RLC)

The purpose of the Required Live Classes (RLC) is to give students access to their teachers for lessons, Q & A and support in their Spanish classes. The RLC sessions are offered every week at a variety of times. You may attend any session you like. Choose the one that best fits your schedule.

Google Calendar for Spanish 1 sessions:

Just pay attention to the times, dates and topics:

Remember GS = Getting Started

U1 = Unit 1

U2 = Unit 2

After attending each session, you need to complete a brief reflective assignment.

Spanish 1 Required Live Classroom - Fall 2015 ~ 2016

Participant dial in number (for phone)

(571) 392-7703 PIN: 485 391 348 666

Required Live Class Link:

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NCVPS Culture Café Sessions

NCVPS Culture Café

Check out the Culture Cafe tab in the course for cool cultural lessons and extra credit.

-Click the Culture Cafe (WLCC) tab

-Click the Blackboard Collaborate Classroom link

-Click the desired Archive, but make sure it is a Spanish presentation

Below is some information about the Culture Cafe:



Google Calendar:

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Señor Hall

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