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Cartoon people dance in the background of a woman holding a sign that says "Latinx Heritage Month" the image also reads: September 15 through October 15
LGBTQ Students Celebrate Latinx Heritage

What Does Latinx Mean?

"As Mother Jones reported, “Latinx” first appeared online in 2004 as an alternative to Latino and Latina, as well as the proposed gender-neutral term “Latin@” (pronounced as “Latino/Latina”). Since then, Latinx has become a staple term for younger generations wanting to be inclusive of queer, nonbinary, and gender non-confirming folks. Merriam-Webster officially added Latinx to its dictionary in September 2018, solidifying the ever-growing popularity of the term." - Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro for Bustle

Emma Tenayuca - Mexican American Orgnizer

Click the portrait to learn about her trailblazing civic work and to explore other influential Americans in Robert Shetterly's portrait series: Americans Who Tell The Truth.

Teaching Latinx Heritage: Resources for Educators

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image of four Afro-latinx people, image reads: Latinx History is Black History
In this webinar, TT Staff Writer Coshandra Dillard and Teaching and Learning Specialist Stef Bernal-Martinez will share stories and strategies for teaching Afro-Latinx history and doing it justice. Latinx History Is Black History will clarify the confusion between race and ethnicity, provide a historical primer on Afro-Latinx identities and review resources for teaching Elizabeth Acevedo’s poem “Afro-Latina,” which beautifully illustrates this intersectional identity.
In the recorded webinar below, see GLSEN discussion of the LGBTQ+ Latinx experience
Latinx LGBTQ Student Experiences

Featured Educational Resources

Center for Equity Leadership Virtual Courses

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Latinx - a - thon

Click the image above to learn more about the 10-day Latinx literature challenge. Or click Here for 8 of the organizer's best recommendations!

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