Makerbot 3d printed fox

project 1

Project Information

Software Used: Makerbot Desktop

Equipment Used: Makerbot Replicator 2


Why would this project be desirable to users? Why did you select or create this design? Who would be possible customers?

This project would be desirable to users because Makerbot 3d and Makerbot Relicator 2 are easy to use.

I selected the fox design because it met the requirements of the project. It had a flat base, no open spaces, and was the correct size.

I think potential customers for my 3d printed fox could be stores that sell souvenirs such as zoos or parks. Customers who sell toys may be interested in my fox.

What obstacles or challenges did you face? How did you overcome those obstacles or challenges? If you were to complete this again, what would you do differently?

One challenge was finding a stl file to use that fit the requirements and one that I liked.

An obstacle was my partner being unable to print with me. I was able able to overcome this obstacle by finding a new partner to print with after school.

If I were to 3d print this design again the only thing I would change would be to change the color of the fox to a tan or desert color.

What were you proud of or what was your biggest accomplishment with this project? What was most interesting or intriguing about this project? What did you learn through the designing and fabricating processes?

I was most proud of how independent I was in completing this project.

I was most intrigued by actually watching the fox print before my eyes. I had fun looking through all the files trying to choose a design to print.

One thing I learned how to do was to import and export stl files to the Makerbot desktop program.

Marshal Allenson

Fablab hour 4