Self Control

By: Paul Terradot

What is self control?

Self control has three parts:
1 - Monitoring. Monitoring is how much we keep track of what we are doing, How often you check yourself, keeping up with your bank and grades.
2 - Standards. They tell you what is appropriate to do. For example, if the speed limit is 45 and you go at 60 that is a bad standard!
3- Strength. This is the energy necessary to use self control. Self control is fragile: if you use it too much you won't have any after.

Having good self control

Having good self control is very important in life. According to science studies, Self control is more important than being intelligent in order to have academic success. Self control has benefits too: it lets you live a happy and successful life!

How to improve your Self Control?

There are 4 ways to improve your self control:
1- Become a mental energy accountant: control your energy.
2- Build your Self control strength.
3- Play offense against your environment: control your surroundings (for example control when to check your cell phone and not always checking on it).
4- Take your mind out of the middle: take decisions and actions (you can have a contract for yourself)