Trefzger Times

A note...

This year has gotten off to a great start! We are in the homestretch of reading assessments and establishing procedures. I look forward to touching base with everyone at conferences.

As a new member of the Claxton community, I want to express sincerest thanks for making me not only feel welcome, but immensely supported. Looking forward to an excellent school year!

Important Dates

9/19 No School, Student Led Conferences

9/20 Open House & Ice Cream Social

9/28 Midterms

9/29 International Potluck @ 5:30 - Claxton Cafeteria

10/4 Fun Run Pep Rally

10/14 Fun Run!

Curriculum Connection

ELA goals:

I can draw the pictures I see in my mind as I read.
I can ask and answer questions about a story.
I can build my stamina in reading and writing.

Math goals:

I can choose an appropriate tool to help organize my thinking.

I can identify coins and their value.

I can find all the combinations of a number.

Odds and Ends...

We are looking for:

  • clean pint jars with lids (glass or plastic)
  • marbles
  • family members to perform at our first "Poetry Cafe" on 9/23 - approx. 10:45 am. Don't be nervous! Come prepared with a favorite poem or song to sing - printed out in text form. : )
  • watercolor sets