The Kite Runner


The Kite Runner is a story by Khaled Hosseini, an Afghan-American author. It is a story of brotherhood and friendship, betrayal, regret, redemption, and forgiveness. Set primarily in Kabul (the capital of Afghanistan) and later America, The Kite Runner is written in a first person point of view, told by a character named Amir. In the beginning of the story, he is a boy living in a medium-upper class home with his widowed father, whom he idolizes and resents simultaneously, and his fathers Hazara servants, Ali and Hassan. Amir learns life lessons from both Hassan, a boy his own age, and his fathers friend, Rahim Khan. His veil of the world, depicting it as a fairly happy place, is shattered at a young age when he endures loss. Amir often feels neglected by his father, so he turns to his friend, Hassan, for companionship, and he turns to his fathers friend, Rahim Khan, for parental guidance and affection. Later, as the story lengthens, Amir learns to forgive his father for what he felt was mistreatment as a boy. He immigrates from Afghanistan to America due to rising problems with the military. There, he establishes himself as a novelist and eventually marries a woman named Soraya. Through a long journey to come, Amir learns to forgive himself for what he did as a boy, and redeem himself.

Character Analysis

Amir is the main character of the book, who has spent his childhood in Kabul, Afghanistan. He and his father aren’t quite close and his mother passed away giving birth to him, which caused bitterness to creep in their relationship. When his father gives his friend Hassan attention, he gets very jealous. Amir plays tricks on Hassan, kind of like a bully. He started lying, which led to turmoil. As Amir grows up, he becomes a better man, but still feels guilty for what he allowed to happen.

Hassan is Amir’s best friend, and he is also the servant. He’s loyal, honest, and forgiving throughout his childhood years. When he talks to other people, he is always polite and kind, but he is strong and will stand up for himself. As he grows up he doesn't have much but he never complains.

This is Amir’s father, and he is a man that Amir looks up to. He is an independent, determined, kind, and is immensely respected. He cares a lot about others and tries to care for people in need. He doesn’t really bond with his son, Amir, and he wants him to stand up for himself even though he is a very shy, calm hearted child.

Rahim Kahn is Amir’s dad’s business partner. He calmly debates often with Amir’s father about how Amir is calm of heart and not one to defend himself. He defends Amir whenever possible and loves him as if he were his own son. He encouraged him to write as a child and would read his stories even when his father hardly paid any attention. Rahim Kahn is quite proud of Amir and all of his accomplishments but still finds ways to bring improvement into Amir’s life.