Stoneleigh Home-School Connection

Summer 2020-2021 Communication 7-15-2020

From Stoneleigh Elementary

Class Structure

After weeks of discussion, research, and questioning of BCPS and the Office of Health Services no grades will departmentalize for the 2020-2021 school year. This provides one teacher for the student to work with when in their classes (ELA, math, etc.) The elementary teacher is certified in all academic content unlike middle and high school teachers. Moving to this model for all grade students significantly limits the number of transitions required during the school day and helps build the classroom community while giving the teacher freedom to manage the minute to minute daily schedule.

With your support we can show students how to navigate the pandemic and develop the coping skills they will need as their lives move forward.

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Instructional Pathways (Scaffold/Below Grade Level; Enrichment/On Grade Level; Acceleration (GT)/Above Grade Level)

Students in kindergarten through grade 5 have been placed in heterogeneous classrooms for instruction. This instructional setting promotes flexible small group instruction designed to specifically meet the needs of all students in each academic subject.

Cluster grouping within a classroom allows for small groups to receive targeted instruction on a daily basis. Differentiated instructional strategies for the scaffolded (below grade level), enriched (on grade level), and accelerated (above grade level) learner are embedded in the curriculum of kindergarten through 4th grade as well as 5th grade English language arts. The 5th grade accelerated (above grade level/GT) mathematics curriculum is an alternative curriculum.

The elementary reading/language arts and mathematics curriculums and instruction are differentiated and responsive to the strengths and needs of all students daily. The curriculum allows for fluid and flexible groups that provide acceleration pathways in all classrooms. Providing rigorous and engaging learning opportunities for all students is the highest priority of the Baltimore County Public Schools.

Grade level teachers who have worked with your child meet with each other, school counselors and the administration in order to determine which classroom setting would best to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of each student. Individual student class placement remains at the discretion of the school administration.

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We Welcome New Staff Members

Every school year BCPS bases school staffing on enrollment patterns. For the 2020-2021 school year BCPS estimates the enrollment of students will require 32 homerooms. There will be five kindergarten, 1st, 4th and 5th homerooms and six 2nd and 3rd grade homerooms.

  • Kindergarten: Ms. Beach, Ms. Fenlason, Ms. Gingerich, Ms. Hughes, and Mr. Zimmerman
  • 1st grade: Ms. Brune, Ms. Ciattei, Ms. Edwards, Ms. Keffer and Ms. Myers
  • 2nd grade: Ms. Engle, Ms. Ghattas, Ms. Hancheruk, Ms. Howard, Ms. Katz, Ms. Ronson
  • 3rd grade: Ms. Fisher, Ms. Hickey, Ms. Kerns, Mr. Mintiens, Ms. Ratajczak and Ms. Schindler
  • 4th grade: Ms. Klair, Mr. Gieron, Ms. Hornberger, Ms. Morris and Ms. Valentine
  • 5th grade: Ms. Bradley, Mr. Imirie, Mr. Miller, Ms. Sturkey and Mr. Tolerton

As we welcome new and returning students, we welcome a few new staff members and say farewell to others:
  • Ms. Formwalt joins the special education team as we wish Ms. Chapdelaine happiness at White Oak Elementary where she takes on the role of reading resource teacher.
  • Ms. Hauger joins the special education team as we wish Ms. Thomas well in her future endeavors.
  • Ms. Dixon joins the visual arts team part-time in a shared position with Chapel Hill Elementary. We wish Ms. Pellegrini happiness as she transitions to part-time closer to home between Perry Hall and Oliver Beach Elementary schools.
  • Ms. Hernandez joins the visual arts team full-time as we wish Ms. Kerr happiness in her retirement.
  • Ms. Hise joins the vocal music team part-time in a shared position with Mays Chapel Elementary. We wish Ms. Collier happiness as she moves to full-time at the middle school level.
  • We wish Ms. Workman happiness at Pinewood Elementary.
  • We wish Ms. Donelan happiness at Rodgers Forge Elementary.
  • We wish Ms. Ortiz happiness as she moves to middle school at Loch Raven Middle School.
  • We wish Ms. Thompson happiness at Bear Creek Elementary.
  • We wish Ms. Cohen happiness as she returns to school seeking renewal of her English teaching certificate.
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School Supply Lists 2020-2021

This year school supply lists for kindergarten through 5th grade have been designed to inform parents of what items are needed when in the school building and what items are needed should virtual learning occur.

Items with an asterisk * or a number (1-4) and asterisk in parenthesis (1*) indicates a supply needed during virtual learning.

The specific lists are below for reference and will be uploaded to the Stoneleigh Elementary website within the coming weeks.

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BCPS Summer Learning Hike (SLH) implementation is in full swing

SLH provides students with access to digital content aligned with the language arts and mathematics courses that they have just completed in order to reinforce their preparedness for school this fall.

So many students have been engaged with the ExactPath Program. Congratulations to all of these students:

  • Rising 1st graders: Matthew C. Owen E., PatrickG., Shudhamshu H., Renee H., Charles H., Thomas H., Lucille H-N., Jourdyn J., Wesley K., Cora L., Elizabeth P., Harrison P., William R-S., Blythe V and Saren W.
  • Rising 2nd graders: Cecilia A., Camden B., Declan C., Luke D., Oliver D., Christopher D., Nicholas D., Colin D., Nada El., Zachary G., Xavier H., Arham H., Catherine K., Perry K., Brooke K., Emerson L., Emily L., Gabriel M., Adam M., Charlotte M., Evan N., Hazel P., Juniper R., Orik S., Henry S., Brooke S., Edward V., Kennedy W., Audrey Y. and Summer Z.
  • Rising 3rd graders: Faith A., Olivia A., Demetri B., Ashbal B., Benjamin C-C., Stephen C., Lane D., Micah E., Spencer H., Piper H., Ryan H., Elaria H., Dean H., Zoe I., Nataly M-P., Siem N., Madeline P., Jack Q., Anna R., Liam S., Eliza S., Dylan S., Rynn S. and Katherine W.
  • Rising 4th graders: Minta B., Raunak B., Chikamso C-O., Emil C., Cooper D., Owen D., Angela G-R., Cameron H., Norah J., Adarsha K., William M., Shalom N., Audrey O., Zachary O., Elsa P., Kessly R., Bennett R-R., Weston R., Melone S., Andrew T. and James W.
  • Rising 5th graders: Liam C., Alea C., Andrew C., Emma D., Alyssa D., Walter G., Himanshu H., Reiss H., Jordan H., Eloise H-N., Eoghan I., Meadow M., Rebecca M., Sarah N., Aayush S., Carmen V., Reid V. and Jackson W.

BCPS has established LIVE support, Monday–Friday, provided by BCPS teachers. This support can be accessed through established Google Meets rooms. Guidance for accessing the Google Meets rooms is linked on the Corona/Covid-19 portion of the BCPS website and under support in BCPSOne.

Whether you choose to practice electronically using the ExactPath Program, work with a mathematics workbook or engage in real-life mathematics problem solving remember just 20 minutes 5 days a week helps keep your skills current.