Snow Day

February 22

February 22


It looks like the weather once again caught us off guard, so we will roll with it.

Today is Super Twos' Day

It is Tuesday, 2-22-22.

In honor of this day, our theme will be twos.


Please write your words twice. if you have two different colors to write in, that would be really fun too.


Please read for at least 22 minutes.

Write: If you were a Superhero what TWO superpowers would you want and how would you use them?


Go onto Reflex Math until you get two green lights or Prodigy for 22 minutes. If you cannot get on a device - write out 22 different multiplication problems.

Your X3 packet is due tomorrow- do that first.


There are two videos below for this week: The story video and one on cause and effect. Please watch those.

Build something using 22 objects and take a picture of it.

Since we did not send Ipads home, there will be no separate lessons on it.

Book Report Posters: Each student has been given a poster- if you have not seen one, please ask your child about it. If they do not have one, please let me know.

To go along with "I Love to Read" month, we will be completing a book report poster. I will assist students here in finding an appropriate book for this. The students will each be given a poster to complete while reading their book. We will go over the poster very thoroughly here (a couple of times.)The posters will be brought home to complete. Due: February 28th.

Please check our important dates. MCA testing dates are now on the schedule.

Thank you to those that have been able to donate AR treats.

Pennies for Pages

Who: PreK, K, 1st,2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders

What: Donate coins, bill, or checks (made out to GM School).

When: February 14 - 28

Where: Students may bring donated money to his/her classroom.

Why: We are collecting money for books in memory of two lifelong supporters of GM school who loved to read, Glen and Shirley Davis. Glen was a bus driver that drove school bus for Grand Meadow for over 55 years. Glen passed away in 2020. Shirley Davis was a former kindergarten/second grade teacher at Grand Meadow. Mrs. Davis passed of cancer in 1996.

February is I LOVE TO READ MONTH. Money collected will go toward new books for the Grand Meadow School Library.


The GRADE (both classes) that collect the most money will earn the following:

1 Free Choice Day in Phy. Ed. and a bowling trip!

The 3 TOP CLASSES that raise the most money will earn their teacher a spot in the

GM Elementary Teacher Olympics!

Moving Minds- Instruction and Academics

This week's story: I Dissent

Below is a list of this weeks vocabulary words and their definitions. Your child will bring home a memory game to play. They can use this as a resource to help them identify the correct definitions.

Spelling February 21-25

Remember: Those that pass the pretest on Monday, do not need to take the final test on Friday.

Week 20

Sight words and homophones

1. sugar

2. being

3. leave

4. noun

5. it’s

6. flower

7. flour - as in what you bake with

8. bored - as in lack of interest

9. board - as in a flat piece of wood

10. hair -

11. hare- as in rabbit

12. clear

Math Minded

We will be working on:
  • subtracting across zeros
  • elapsed time
  • multiplying by 3 - packets due February 23.
  • mixed numbers

Math Resources

How to find the perimeter -

The video starts at the 2:09 mark, you can skip forward to that point.

Reflex Math

A good practice site for facts.

Dates to Remember:


18: SUCCESS day - non-student day

21: President's Day- Non-student day


18: Success Day

21:Non student day- Teacher in-service

31: End of Quarter


1: End of Quarter workday

8: Spring concert: 1:00

15-18: Spring Break

21: Reading MCA

28: Math MCA


13: Grandparent's Day

18: Activity Day

19: Activity Day- if need to reschedule

30: No school

Moving Hearts

Contact Information

Contact information:

My email address:

Elementary office:


Phone: 507-754- 5317